This new project by Alba Careta Group, “Alades”, is a blend of the last compositions of the trumpet player from Avinyó, which are inspired by the experience she had during her years in the Netherlands. As a result, Alades is a vivid representation of all those moments, shaped by the language of the most honest, organic and emotional Jazz. In a way, “Alades” is a continuation of “Orígens” (Blue Asteroid Records, 2018) and closes a phase of Dutch inspiration. “The nostalgia of being far from home, the curiosity of knowing what life will bring and the desire to be next to the people I love are some of the feelings that you can find in my new album”.

Portada del nou disc Alades d'Alba Careta Group

A recording as surprising, fresh and motivating as the first album, but at the same time more mature, more daring and more complete. The album collects some of the compositions inspired from the experiences and sensations that remained from all those years far from home, a life period that was so important to Alba and so productive in terms of creativity. All compositions are original from the trumpet player, except for the beautiful and inspired version of “Corrandes d’exili” from Pere Quart. As a listener, you will feel constantly connected to the very varied tunes of the album, which share the common ingredient of the freshness, the energy and the intensity with which they all are played: “I play and compose based on my experiences trying to reach the people I am surrounded by”.

To carry out this new project, Alba formed an unprecedented group with great musicians from the Catalan jazz scene in order to introduce her album in her country. They are: Lucas Martínez at the tenor sax, Roger Santacana at the piano, Giuseppe Campisi at the double bass and Josep Cordobés at the drums.